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FAQs - Answers to common questions

Is there parking available?
All sites have parking available. At the Boston clinic, discounted parking is available in the Tufts Medical Center parking garage located at next to the Biewend Building and Wang Theater on Tremont St. There is free parking available at the Wellesley clinic. In Medford, please inquire about a parking pass for the Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness Center Parking Lot across the street from the clinic.

Is public transportation available?
The Orange Line (Tufts Medical Center) is easily accessible to OSPT in the Biewend Building at Tufts Medical Center. The Green Line (D Line) is accessible to AST via the Woodland stop in Newton, but you will then have to walk approximately one half mile to 62 Walnut Street in Wellesley. The Red Line (Davis Square) is less accessible to the Tufts University clinic, but the 96 MBTA bus travels down College Avenue to one block from Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness Center.

What should I wear?
You should wear loose, comfortable clothes that allow the therapist to access your injured area. T-shirt with shorts and sneakers are preferred. If you have a foot/ankle problem, you should also bring the footwear that you usually wear.

Do I need a referral?
If you need an insurance referral to see a specialist, like an orthopedist, neurologist or physiatrist, then you need an insurance referral for physical therapy, as well. Please contact the Boston or Wellesley office to obtain our provider number for you to contact your PCP office for the insurance referral.

How long does each session last? How many times a week will I attend therapy?
Your evaluation will last about 60 to 90 minutes. Follow-up treatments average 60 minutes per session, typically with 1-2 sessions per week, depending upon your referring doctor’s physical therapy prescription and type of condition or injury.

How long is the wait time before each appointment?
At OSPT/AST we realize that your time is very important. We respect your time commitment and expect to begin your treatment within a few minutes of your arrival.

How soon can I receive an appointment?
If necessary, we can usually accommodate same day appointments. Often, we will try to schedule you within 48-72 hours of your initial call to us.

Do I see the same therapist each session?
Yes, we try to maintain consistency between therapists and patients. However, we have several therapists working together and we will accommodate your schedule with another therapist, if necessary, so as to not jeopardize the continuity of your care.

Are treatments one-on-one?
We set up our appointments on the half hour. Your therapist will always see you and speak with you when you arrive for your appointment. However, appointments tend to overlap, so there often will be other patients in the clinic.

Should I still come to therapy if I feel better? Worse?
You should try to keep each appointment, even if you are feeling better or worse. You therapist will need to know how you are feeling, so they can make the appropriate modifications to your physical therapy program for effective recovery. It is not unusual to feel some soreness after a physical therapy session.

Do you accept my insurance?
We accept all major insurances. Please check the list under our insurance page. If you still do not see your insurance listed, please call for more information.

Do you accept workers compensation and motor vehicle accidents?
Yes, we do accept both MVA and WC cases. You will need to provide us with your insurance company, claim #, adjustor or case manager’s name, as well as their phone/fax number and mailing/billing address. In some cases we will contact your adjustor for pre-approval prior to your initial evaluation.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?
You’ll need a prescription for physical therapy from a referring physician, an insurance referral from your primary care physician (if specifically required by your insurance company to see a specialist) and comfortable clothing as mentioned above. Completing a brief patient registration form is required prior to your initial evaluation. You can provide pertinent information via phone, in person or online (Contact Us).

Do you offer aquatic therapy?
Unfortunately, we do not have pool facilities available at any of our current locations.

I don’t view myself as an athlete, is this still the right place for me?
Absolutely – OSPT/AST sees patients of all ages and activity levels. Whether your goal is to resolve pain while typing, to ascend stairs without help, to recover after surgery, to improve your balance, to walk a bit further or to return to your favorite sport, activity or hobby, we can help.

My doctor recommended a certain type of treatment. Do you follow the physician referral?
Yes, we work closely with referring physicians to ensure high quality of appropriate care. If you have questions about specific treatments, check our services page, or give us a call.

Do you offer affiliations and/or employment to physical therapy students?
OSPT/AST is dedicated to furthering physical therapy education through active participation with local physical therapy schools’ clinical programs. Students are encouraged to actively participate in our patients’ care by providing appropriate support, assistance and education during patient treatment sessions. All students are provided close supervision and guidance. Patients reserve the right to request to be seen only by a licensed PT from our staff, if they prefer.

Can I request a male/female therapist?
Yes, you may request either a male or female therapist. Initial appointments might be limited due to therapist availability, however.

Do you accept credit cards for payments?
OSPT/AST accepts most major credit cards (MC, VISA, Discover and American Express), personal checks and cash for payment of co-payments or coinsurance/deductibles. Co-payments are due at each appointment.